“A photograph is a guardian of memory, a fabric on which one can embroider one’s own story, and yet a lie, always telling of a present that no longer exists.

My images are essentially still lifes and landscapes. I pick objects and make them talk to each other, creating tension or harmony. I don’t try to establish a symbolic meaning, just a visual emotion that moves me and may touch you. It works the same way with landscapes. Their picturesque aspects don’t interest me. They are usually familiar places, previously charged with emotion. Distracting details are erased by mist, night, or speed. I wander and suddenly something calls me, something I can relate to, something I recognize. This is precisely what I try to capture in my photographs. If that initial feeling is not present enough, I may play with light, contrasts, add dust or scratches, during the development in order to reinforce it.

Surely my photographs speak about a time that is not today.  A time when one took one’s time.  When one valued the sustainability of things. When the world didn’t feel so big. These are nostalgic photographs. Namely bearers of memory, witnesses at the same time of permanence and of fragility.”


Anne Closuit Eisenhart is a Swiss photographer currently living in New-York.

She recently won the International Portfolio Competition held by Soho Photo Gallery in New York and she has received an Award Honorable Mention in Fine Art Category at the 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Award. 

She has exhibited in multiple galleries in the US and Europe and her work is in numerous collections worldwide. She is a contributor at grryo.com.

In 2020,  she will have two solo shows one in La Galerie du Pommier in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, followed by a second one in Soho Photo Gallery, New York.